If you’re looking at this site, then you or someone you care about is probably struggling with worry, anxiety, depression or other emotional difficulties. It may be due to specific problems with health, relationships, work or other life demands, or more general in nature.

Are you feeling upset, discouraged, or a sense of despair?

The good news is that you can do something about it, and often more quickly than you think. For over twenty years I’ve been providing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and I can help you draw upon your strengths in getting better. I take an active and directive approach to psychotherapy that quickly begins to address the problems you’re facing. I work with your specific needs and strengths, and will help you to see things more clearly, tackle what’s troubling you, and move ahead with your life.

About Dr. Liroff

“If you can change your mind,
you can change your life.”
– William James



Changing our experience for the better requires an informed, creative and active process. I can help you to understand what may be holding you back and train and support you in moving forward. CBT is built upon evidence-based approaches to personal difficulties and has helped millions of people with problems in living. It can address a wide range of issues and provide you with practical and effective ways of overcoming them.

I will work with you in a clear and effective manner to develop the perspective and skills to reduce your distress, transform your relationship with your difficulties, and gain greater balance in your life. My practice offers both short-term and longer-term treatment options according to your goals and needs. I’m understanding, friendly and caring, and can customize a treatment plan that is well-suited to you. Are you seeking to learn more about what’s bothering you, or are you ready to make larger changes in your life?


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